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About the site

Hello and welcome to an online library of some of my work. To view a selection of photographs in various categories please click on Portfolio . Password protected commercial private client work and my own photos of family & friends are shown in the Galleries, for viewing by invitation. 

Please choose what you'd like to view using the menu above and, if requested, enter your password. You can download photographs from some of the protected galleries by clicking the down arrow icon under the photos. And, if you'd like to, you can purchase professional grade prints by clicking on the BUY PHOTOS button next to many of the works.

Enjoy the site, and thank you for stopping by... Rodney.

About the photographer

Once upon a time Rodney 'Worldwide' Wayman was born in England, in North Yorkshire...

At 3 years old he attended kindergarten run by his grandmother until he was seven. By then she’d had enough and they sent him to a tough, spartan seaside preparatory school in Scarborough (home of the loudest fog horn on the east coast). Having set the fire alarm off during school exams he was enrolled, at 13, at an approved school in Derbyshire, one of those outrageously strict educational institutions specialising in Latin, Greek and cold baths. There, during extra-curricular smoking practice, he discovered the drama department. Following roles in various productions including the lead in the Scottish play, the one with the dog (“Out damned Spot”), he won a place at London’s famed Guildhall School of Music & Drama in 1969. An open prison at last. Where he developed his love of acting, sound design and the creative arts.

Thus, at 22, he was faced with starvation. Time to buckle down. A spell of teaching to start with, but not for him the paths of academe – the call of commerce was too loud. He started his first business: a radio and commercials production studio in North London, building it into a highly successful concern. In the early 1980s he became the Sales & Marketing Director of a pro-audio equipment supply & installations business which he helped flourish too. Until in 2004, after a 30 year sentence (with no time off for good behaviour), he had had enough of the cut and thrust. He’d served his time.

He is now a free man with much experience, flair and ability (it says here). Not least with the camera. Hence his new later-life pursuit as a photographic artist. His fascination with the lens began at the age of eight and he has used it as a marketing professional all his working life. Now at last he is showing some of his more creative recent work to a wider audience via this website, the occasional gallery exhibition and beyond.

A few are even buying it.

Er, that’s enough about Worldwide Wayman – Ed.

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